What to Wear

I have booked my session… Now what do we wear? I get this question frequently.

1. Don’t be afraid of a little color! Bold OR Subdued. Color is what is going to make your images pop and you want to stand out because, of course, YOU are the star of the show.

2. Coordinate but don’t be matchy-matchy. Think of your color wheel in school and try to get warm AND cool tones in your color choices. Have fun with your choices and when in doubt ask your photographer! I am here to make your pictures amazing and your outfit choices are a BIG part of that.

3. Accessories are key! Mom, throw on a fun and brightly colored necklace, Dad a fun fedora, or put suspenders or a vest on one of the boys and a great tie back on the girls. Accessories are a really fun way to make your photos unique so don’t forget them!

4. LAYERS!! You need them, even if you never wear layers in your day to day life. Layers photograph so much better than wearing just a single item. In this case throw a bright colored undershirt under your husbands oxford, again a vest or accessory is a great way to layer. It is easier to take off a layer when you get to your session if it “just doesn’t look right” than to not wear it at all.

5. Shoes are important too! Please don’t let the kids wear their light up sneakers. There are great shoe options that look great. Think Converse, Toms, fun wedges for Mom, a great pair of boots and so on. Remember your feet WILL be in the photographs too so be aware when choosing what you put on those feet. Unless you just want to go barefoot which is actually a really fun option too.

6. If you are feeling overwhelmed start with ONE person in the family. Once you have chosen something you LOVE for them just start coordinating the rest of the families outfits to go with what you have already started.

7. Again, if you get overwhelmed or need help I would LOVE to help. Shoot me an email and we can discuss your options!


Here are a couple of examples of outfits I have picked out for my personal family photos.

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